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Suzie Gaul

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My Story

I smelled my first Scentsy bar and I was hooked!!  I love the purity of the scents.  The fact that I can scent my house without having to use a flame makes me very happy. I don't need to worry about my kids or my pets knocking over a burning candle or getting scalding hot wax on themselves.  The number of choices in warmers is extensive; there is one for every decor from manly to princess. I originally thought I would get some Scentsy by hosting a party.  Little did I know how I would be affected by the products.  The Scentsy bars evoked so many memories ... I could smell my Nanny's perfume in the Lilacs and Violets.  The Sugar Cookie scent reminded me of when I was in the kitchen cooking for my family.  Happy Birthday just reminded me of when I was a child and eating the wafer cookies I loved.   This was all I needed ... I was IN.  I called my consultant and said "Sign Me Up".  I figured as much as I was loving this product I should support my on habit as well as create some additional income that my family and I could enjoy.  My hope is that all of my customers get the same experience from our products and that they enjoy them as much as I do.   I have heard the following and many more and can truly appreciate where my customers are coming from: -  Paradise Punch - smells just like my Nanny's homemade popsicles -  My Dear Watson - smells just like my husband :-) -  Happy Birthday - smells like my grandmother's kitchen -  Lavender - puts me at ease and lets me sleep Ask me about hosting a party - you can do it in your house or have a basket party. <!--endbody-->  <!--endbody-->

My Favourite Scents